Do you Export/Import
from the UK/Europe
to India Markets?


Gems, Jewellery and Handicrafts

Food Items



Novelty Items

Export and Import from the UK/Europe or India Markets

if you are Electrical/Machinery Manufacturers/Exporters
if you are Gems & Jewellery or Handicrafts Manufacturers/Exporters
• if you are Food Manufacturers/Exporters
if you are Garments Manufacturers/Exporters
if you are Medicines Manufacturers/Exporters
if you are Novelty Items Manufacturers/Exporters

If you are based anywhere in the world and are keen to exploit the benefits with expansion of your business in Europe/UK/India markets, we can do market research carried out in UK/Europe/India in order to establish your business strategy. Or you may already have customers/suppliers in here in UK or Europe or India and are finding difficult to service. We are there for you !

Outsourcing / Joint Venutre / Consultancy

Outsourcing and Joint Venture is a complex set of business processes that connect languages, currencies, time zones and regulations. We help importers source products and factories where the products will be manufactured and transport the goods across borders, in other words, we are your virtual factory, virtual warehouse and virtual shipper.

We can provide professional advice at every stage of business
starting from:

Enquiry - Understand customer needs
Quotation - Quote as per customer expectations
Samples - Samples made to boost customer confidence
Production - Make products as per approved samples and meet customer requirements
Quality Inspection - Customer satisfaction - 100%
Delivery and Payment - On time delivery

Our Mission

To help our partners source the right proudcs at the right price and at the right time.

To work closely with our partners in the develpment of new products and improve existing ones.

To anticipate and meet changing and challending needs.

To be a visible business with sufficient resources and invest in our future.

Our Values

To care about partners and colleagues.

To team up with our clients for excellence in business.


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